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Support the [BEER] Pool

If you hold ADA (₳) cryptocurrency, the native token on Cardano, you can participate in this process and earn rewards by staking your Ada.

You can contribute to the growth of the Cardano network today by delegating your stake of the network with our pool today. After a few epochs, if we’re all lucky, we’ll begin to start earning beer money together!

No Extra Fees

At the minimum amount (340 ADA) per epoch and a flat rate 0% pool margin our fees keep us competitive with other stake pools.

Constant Up-Time

Our pool operates utilizing a combination of AWS and bare metal nodes to ensure we’re always online and ready to make a block.

24/7/365 Monitoring

We’re constantly monitoring our infrastructure hardware for anomalies, security events, environment issues, and system health issues.

Why stake with us?

Our goal is to securely provide the best stake pool services available at the lowest cost to every day end-users of Cardano, while continuing to help build and grow the network.

We have no extra fees, constant up-time, over 120 epochs of operational experience as a network contributor, and are continuously monitoring our nodes for up-time and errors.

We believe in transparency and want our delegators to feel comfortable knowing their stake pool is hard at work. If you don’t receive rewards, we don’t receive rewards either. You can see our pool’s current status displayed to the right.

We operate the same stake pool on the preview test network to display our capabilities to future delegators. More information on our test network node can be found here. We’re very dedicated to our contribution to the network and look forward to many years of steady service providing for all delegators.


We got the NFTs!

We created a series of NFTs, listed on, that are available for purchase if you’re interested in supporting our pool without delegating your ADA. All profits from this NFT series will be used to fund our pool.

Our NFTs consist of 10 unique induvial images compiled into a(n) animated GIF for your enjoyment. Each NFT is unique, consisting of multiple colors randomly placed to create unique mosaic patterns.

You can find more information about the policy around this NFT series here.

Let’s Work Together

Are you a fellow Stake Pool team or operator looking to collaborate?

Our team has a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm for all Cardano related projects. If you have a project you’re working on that you think we could assist with, or would like to help us in some way let’s connect!

Support true decentralization.

We understand you’re looking to get the highest ROI on your investments, but decentralization begins at the individual level, by who they choose to support.

Our suggestion? Take N ADA and support 10 small/micro pools, N could be any amount you’re willing to contribute to network decentralization, wither it be 10 ADA or 10 Million ADA that is completely up to you. The act in itself will further support network decentralization and promote small/micro pools stay in the fight for network share.